Burning Rubber
Have Complete Confidence Answering Client Questions

Burning Rubber:
Have Complete Confidence Answering Client Questions

This week’s homework assignment:

  1. Watch week #5 video
  2. Read Pages 401-432 and pages 444-446 in the Tax Resolution Domination System & Toolkit, Volume One, Module Two-Sales. The best way to learn these scripts is to role play with another person until you are comfortable and don’t have to refer back to it.


  1. The recommendations given here are powerful, captivating and meaningful in a way that drills down to dispel the doubts clouding the potential client’s mind. However, for those of us starting without the benefit of testimonials, past results, or the relevant and catchy story, the client’s objections can be somewhat disarming to the novice. I am thinking that newbies, like me, need to fashion, on their own, a new set training wheels from the collage of what these video series are trying to show us. It’s been a wonderful learning experience, so far. Thanks, Michael.

    • Thank you for the kind words!


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