Acceleration Down the Highway
Easily Resolve Your Cases

Acceleration Down the Highway:
Easily Resolve Your Cases

This week’s homework assignment:

  1. Watch week #6 video
  2. Read Module 4 – Case Resolution in Volume Two of the Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit
  3. Watch the “How to Obtain Tax Account Transcripts and Interpret Your Clients CSED Dates” – This is in the “Top 6 Trainings” Tab
  4. Read and Study the following in Volume 2 Module 4 in the Tax Resolution Domination System:
    – Phase One – Investigation/Discovery
    – Phase Two – Compliance 
    – Phase Three – Resolution
    – How to get your Offers in Compromise Approved
    – How to get Penalties Removed
    – How to get your Installment Agreements Approved 
    – How to use the Statute of Limitations to your Clients Advantage 
    – IRS Fresh Start Program updates
    – Glossary and Definitions

Action Items

  1. Read and Study How the IRS Collection Process Works this can be found in the Easy Template Library, Section 6 – Resources

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  1. Excellent overall view of all the options. I am looking forward to reading the info


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