How to Have High Value Tax Resolution Clients Retain You

Combustion: How to Have High Value Tax Resolution Clients Retain You

This week’s homework assignment:

  1. Watch week #4 video
  2. Read and Study “My High-Ticket One Call Close Sales Strategy” – Volume One/Sales of the Domination System
  3. Read and Study “Conducting the Financial Interview with Client” – Volume One/Sales of the Domination System
  4. Read and Study “Sales Training Overview” – Volume One/Sales of the Domination System
  5. Watch the “How to Price Your Cases and Structure Your Fees,” in the “Top 6 Trainings” Section

Action Items:

  1. Download the Fee Schedule – What to Charge Worksheet (Print on colored paper, laminate it, and show to your prospects when quoting fees)
  2. Download the Credit Card and ACH Authorization Form
  3. Download the Mini 433-A
    All of these are in the Easy Template Library in Section 5


  1. I had a client come in who should qualify for a PPIA. They provided all the documentation I requested in 24 hours with their retainer check of $2000 on an estimated flat fee of $6,500, and a debit card authorization. Thank you! Prior to this I would have been tracking time and hoping I would get paid, and now I can simply get the job done, know I will get paid.

    • Arlene, Thanks for sharing! This one little “tweak” regarding value pricing and securing a CC or ACH authorization for the monthly recurring payments is a game-changer for most practitioners! You will double, even triple your effective hourly rates (income) overnight WITHOUT formally raising them.

      Remember, we have two jobs; One is to resolve our clients IRS issue and second one is getting your prospect to take action now! The second job is even more important than the first because if the prospect doesn’t retain you, you can’t help them resolve their case.

  2. So, this may be a totally strange question, but I am an absolute newbie getting into this business with my EA father-in-law, and he does not really have any kind of structure like this. The $75 per year over 5 years in the price sheet… what is that for, and why is it included as a “charge” in Phase 1 while everything else is included (for instance, why isn’t it in Phase 3)? Thanks for your help.

    • You should charge $1,500 to start every collection case. This fee is for obtaining and interpreting the Tax Transcripts and Record of Account and the evaluation of the different collection (options) alternatives that you client is eligible for.
      You POA Form 2848 should include periods from 1990 to 2021.

  3. Hi Roz,

    I won’t be an EA for another couple of months or so… I take final EXAM next Saturday, but in the meantime I am marketing as an Uber driver and I gave my card to one traveler yesterday who is a land developer who told me that the IRS is telling him he owes over $1 million. He told me that if I’m any good, he’d like to get those fees and penalties reduced so that he only owes $600,000. Said he’s expecting to close a huge deal in the next month or so.

    Can’t wait to close him.

  4. I don’t see this training “How to Price Your Cases and Structure Your Fees”… Is it under a different name?

    • It’s under the “Top 6 Trainings” Tab

      • All I see is “what to charge…”, “The anatomy…”, “google & FB…”, “newletter marketing”, “How to use linkedin…”, & “how to obtain tax…” I’ve logged out & relogged in. Is it under a different name?

  5. What to charge

  6. Very good Michael. I knew I needed to raise my rates. I have one client who I was charging $300 a month for a QB monthly financials and we raised it $50 because he has a business credit card we have to reconcile. He said he found a part time accountant for $225 and wanted us to match it. I am through with clients like that. Thanks so much

  7. This is the best video so far. Thank you Michael

  8. Thanks Michael – still brand new at this, trying to drum up clients, but I am feeling more positive about the system

  9. Thank you for so much information. I am going through everything and learning. I will get out the referral letters this week.


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