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Insider’s Circle Group Membership Premium Content

As a member you’ll receive these exclusive monthly benefits:

  • 90-min Q&A Tele-Coaching calls with Michael – This is your time to ask any question you need answered and replace any uncertainty or frustration you have with the confidence to resolve your client’s problems as well as get new clients and make more money!
    ($147 value)
  • Training Webinars in Marketing, Sales, Client Control and Case Resolution that are directly related to generating profits – This is where I give you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to grow your practice and be more effective.
    ($199 value)
  • A Done-For-You Newsletter! – Every month, get a 4-page, 100% devoted “Tax Resolution Times” done-for-you newsletter to send to all your leads, clients AND referral sources!
    ($149 per/month value)
  • Lee Milteer’s Millionaire Smarts® Training Program for Practitioners and Entrepreneurs – Lee’s training program will give you the motivation to implement the marketing and technical information and techniques that I teach you. You’ll receive a Monthly Tele-Coaching Motivation Seminar and Weekly e-mails reinforcing that month’s tele-coaching motivation seminar call.
    ($147 per/month value)
  • Guest Expert and Celebrity Interview Calls – on Marketing, Sales, Practice Management and Case Resolution. Listen as they reveal their secrets on making more money in the tax problem resolution niche.
    ($97 value)
  • Weekly Tax Resolution updates – Michael’s insider tips, industry whispers, and the latest in best practices business trends that you can implement now to generate new business.
  • Access to the Member’s Only Web Site and Archive – of past webinars, Q&A calls, Guest Expert Calls, Training Guides, and the new Easy Template Library, including "Swipe and Deploy" letters to use, and special reports — a treasure trove of knowledge
    ($399 plus)
  • **ADDITIONAL BONUS** “Best of the Best” Radio Ads. – It’s a collection of my most prized and effective radio commercials that have generated millions of dollars in new tax resolution business! No one even comes close to offering anything remotely like this!! This is available for download on the Insider’s Circle Member’s Site on September 9th.
    (Value: Priceless!)
  • Sample Webinar Training Topics:
  • How to Price Various Tax Resolution Cases (Fee Structure)
  • Brochure Marketing
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Creating a Website That Generates Leads
  • How to Organize your Work Flow and Keep Track of Cases
  • How to Determine What and How to Advertise
  • How to Analyze a Case before Accepting it

Remember: The Insider’s Circle Membership is designed to more than pay for itself. Just ONE new client a year at $5,000 pays for 17 months of membership!!

For additional information on how to become a member, please visit the Insider’s Circle Group Membership product page.

Congratulations again on investing in yourself.

Michael Rozbruch
Founder, Tax & Business Solutions Academy

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