How to Transition From Tax Prep to Tax Resolution

August 2022

Have you ever struggled with "I don't have the time to market (or do) tax resolution when the tax preparation side of my business takes up most or all of my time"? Well, Peter Marchiano, CPA, and Founder's mastermind member, had this exact same dilemma too!

Join me, and Peter, for a very timely and informative training on how Peter removed himself 100% (without selling his practice) from preparing over 650 tax returns! His time now is devoted to concentrating on high value tax resolution clients and Peter is on track to do over $400,000 from tax resolution this year!

On this training, Peter will walk you through exactly how he implemented this transition including timelines and strategy and HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!

Here's a taste of what we're going to talk about:

  • Your prospects and clients are online, are you?
  • How make the most of your No Hassle Social Media assets, including blog posts
  • How to get the most of your Lead Generation Landing page
  • Tax Resolution Times newsletter strategies 
  • Additional content ideas and more!

Printed materials used during the Webinar: