Tax Resolution Marketing Strategies
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To help Practitioners grow their businesses, and  avoid obstacles,  I’ve recorded an Interview I did (last Friday) with Carrie Bergman, owner of Hunter and Parker, LLC , a media buying agency specializing in creating winning radio campaigns on a budget, for all members. Listen to how you can start off with a $1,000 a month and generate new tax resolution clients every month.  Carrie started her career working as an account executive with KFI 640am Talk Radio in Los Angeles which gives her a unique perspective on how to smartly leverage your radio spend.  We also address, head on, the concern that there are so many tax resolution companies adverting on the radio now…”how can I ever compete with this……”

We cover the following on the call:

  1. Should you even advertise on radio at all?
  2. Is radio right for you?
  3. Can you get started on radio  and have an effective campaign, on a $1,000 a month budget? How?
  4. How long does it take for radio to begin working?
  5. What is the key to a successful direct response radio campaign?
  6. How can you track results? How do you track leads that convert to clients?
  7. The pros and cons of using an agency vs. going direct to the station.
  8. Is a radio “endorsement” the best way to go?
  9. What kind of radio format is most effective for direct response tax resolution advertising.